Multi-sensory video guide in Italian Sign Language

A path designed to make the Museum and the whole monumental complex of the Cathedral accessible to deaf people, through a video guide created with the support of LIS (Italian Sign Language) trained storytellers as well as subtitles and audio in Italian, plus images and interactive animations, all of this developed in a multi-sensory and inclusive logic, suitable for any type of user.

The content is free and available on a tablet supplied to the Museum and within the Application #MuseoDuomo downloadable from the Apple and Android stores.

This particular path was developed in partnership with Associations Comunico, which deals with the inclusion of deaf people, and Prisma, which deals with accessibility projects especially in the multimedia field.

The ENS, the Italian National Deaf People Organisation has included this service in the MAPS project, which maps all the Italian sites that have a specific welcome offer dedicated to deaf people, and has entered Museo dell'Opera del Duomo among the best in the Top Museum section of

The partnership with AssociationComunico and the ENS was also important in the training of the staff needed to provide proper welcome and overall interaction with deaf people using LIS (Italian Sign Language). Today we are able to organize guided tours featuring translation in LIS provided by a professional and specialized interpreter.

A virtual guide

Museo Duomo is interactive and free APP that guides you inside the museum with information and insights on the Salt and the works on display. The application then allows reading the QRcode in the Museum, through which visitors can access directly to multimedia content related to the works, promotions and ongoing initiatives.

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