Blue reflections

Riflessi BLU

Blue reflections - autism spectrum disorder

Riflessi Blu is a subproject specifically dedicated to people with autism spectrum disorder, developed in partnership with no-profit associations "Autismo Firenze Onlus" and "AIABA Onlus".

This program is part of the LIGET Program*, by Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore.

The project's main goals are: accessing a museum, facilitating the observation of works of art, communicating and sharing one's experiences, expressing one's liking and emotions, facilitating the memory of the experience, encouraging a pleasant experience.

The name of the subproject is linked to the title of the project it is part of: Reflections, and the blue colour, referable to autism, as a variation of the project directed exclusively to this type of difficulty.

The project is aimed at people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder aged 15 or older. Participants can join the project either in groups or as individuals. In any case there must be a 1:2 ratio between companions and users.

In order to live a pleasant experience all groups, composed of a maximum of 4 users and 2 companions must be as homogeneous as possible in terms of functioning (according to the criteria expressed by the DSM 5), and formed by components that already know each other.

This path features visual aids, social history and a visual map of the museum.

Users can take either of two routes that include the visit of 4 works and two welcoming moments. The overall duration of each route does not exceed 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The meetings are scheduled based on the needs of the users but reservation is required.

The staff consists of two museum operators, a psychologist and an educator with ASD ( autism spectrum disorders) qualifications.

*Liget Program: A series of projects designed for people with neurocognitive or neurodevelopmental disorders, people suffering from cognitive, behavioural and/or social discomfort, their family members and caregivers (e.g. animators with geriatrics qualifications, professional educators and so on).

A virtual guide

Museo Duomo is interactive and free APP that guides you inside the museum with information and insights on the Salt and the works on display. The application then allows reading the QRcode in the Museum, through which visitors can access directly to multimedia content related to the works, promotions and ongoing initiatives.

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