Dal 1 de noviembre de 2015 al 24 de enero de 2016

Divine Beauty - From Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana

An extraordinary exhibition through eight centuries of history, from the Middle Ages to modern art, in the beautiful setting of Florence. A reflection on the relationship between the sacred and the art by comparing famous works, from the Pietà Bandini by Michelangeloto to the Pietà by Van Gogh, from the Choir of Luca della Robbia to the Angelus by Millet and the Penitent Magdalen by Donatello to the Crucifixion of Guttuso. The relationship between Christianity and the visual arts is configured in the European world, despite ups and downs, like the story of a close and fruitful alliance. In fact, the artistic production of the West, from Spain to Russia, from Italy to Scandinavia, can not be understood separately from its Christian roots.

Dal 6 de noviembre de 2015 al 8 de diciembre de 2015

Opera Viva - L'Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. The men and the history

A photo exhibition depicting the faces of that, generation on generation, for over 700 years have come and gone in the work to the great Cathedral of Florence. Women and men who have passed the baton of their know-how, who were able to hear the deep breath of the great cathedral, who were able to read the soul, experience its beauty, transmit values. Even today this live.

Photo by Michele Pecchioli.

Dal 17 de diciembre de 2015 al 17 de marzo de 2016

Note al Museo

The Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, collection of art treasures which are unique in the word, also becomes home of the music with the new concert series Note al Museo, conceived and artistically directed by Franciesco Ermini Polacci, which will take place between December 2015 and March 2016.

7 de enero de 2016

Dal 18 de enero de 2016 al 12 de febrero de 2016

The best of the Duomo

A collection of photographs to tell the story of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore across 720 years, in the place where all has started, from the Workshop of the Stonecutters, through the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Bell Tower, to the top of the dome by Brunelleschi. An exhibition dedicated to all those who are captured by the beauty of the Cathedral Square, and try to paint a piece of it with smartphone or tablet, sharing it with everyone on the web.

Dal 19 de febrero de 2016 al 20 de febrero de 2016

#emptyDuomoFi – EmptyMuseum in Florence

Twelve international Instagramers, the beauty of the Tuscan capital, the most famous square of Florence as a background and the novelty of a museum just opened to the public. After #emptyMET, #emptyLouvre, #emptyGuggenheim, #emptyTate, #emptyMAH you can join #emptyDuomoFi, the event designed specifically for the new Museum of the Duomo.

Dal 24 de septiembre de 2016 al 25 de septiembre de 2016

Dal 21 de octubre de 2016 al 26 de febrero de 2017

Donatello and Verrocchio. Discovered masterpiece.

The decision to exhibit two sculptures - a terracotta bust of St Lawrence and a terracotta relief of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist - From the Collection of Peter Silverman and Kathleen Onorato at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Florence came about as part of the comprehensive reassessment of the artistic assets held by the museum, made possible by its expansion and reorganization between 2012 and 2015. 

Dal 8 de noviembre de 2016 al 12 de diciembre de 2016

Dal 20 de enero de 2017 al 28 de febrero de 2017

Dal 10 de mayo de 2017 al 11 de junio de 2017