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From the 15th century on, Florence Cathedral was famous for the modernity of the sacred music composed for its liturgical services and for the beauty of its liturgical books, many of which were illuminated by important artists. Historic archival records of the Opera del Duomo mention Italian, French, Flemish and German musicians, including Antonio Squarcialupi, Guillaume Dufay, Heinrich Isaac, Francesco Corteccia, Marco da Gagliano, Gerolamo Frescobaldi and Luigi Cherubini.

This last room of our Museum rotates the display of some of the few illuminated books of the Duomo that still belong to the Opera. The greater part of Santa Maria del Fiore’s music books was transferred to the Laurentian Library by order of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo Hapsburg-Lorraine before that prince left Florence in 1790 to become Holy Roman Emperor with the name Leopoldo II. His 1791 coronation Mass was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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