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Discover masterpieces of Arnolfo, Ghiberti, Donatello, Luca della Robbia, Antonio Pollaiolo, Verrocchio, Michelangelo.

Opening times

The times of access to the monuments are subject to changes in time due to extraordinary events. The museum will be closed on the first Tuesday of each month.

Entry point
Ticket online
Access with a single ticket to all monuments

If you book the Dome, ticket is valid for 72 hours from the day of the reservation.
If you don't reserve the Dome you have 30 days from the date selected for the visit to use the ticket; after the first entrance in a monument, the ticket will be valid for only 72 hours.
Each monument may be visited only once with the ticket.
Reservations mandatory for the climb on the Dome.

Over 750 works of art covering 720 years of history

The largest concentration of Florentine monumental sculpture in the world includes medieval and Renaissance statues and reliefs in marble, bronze and silver by the leading artists of the era. Most of the masterpieces on display were specifically designed to adorn the interior or exterior of the religious monuments that still stand on the museum's doorstep: the Baptistry of San Giovanni, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (the "Duomo") and Giotto's Bell Tower. The Museo dell'Opera provides the ideal setting for the works of art made for these buildings, which today form a single group known as the "Great Museum of the Cathedral". 

The Rooms
A tour encompassing twenty-five rooms on three floors

The Museo dell'Opera's 6,000 sq. mt. surface area consists of twenty-five rooms on three floors comprising a partial renewal of the museum, several totally new exhibition halls and innovative areas to link the two. For the very first time, a spectacular new design hosts the museum's unique masterpieces in a setting reflecting the environment for which they were originally designed, creating a museum within a museum in a concentration of faith, art and history unparalleled anywhere in the world encapsulating the very roots of Western culture.

A virtual guide

Museo Duomo is interactive and free APP that guides you inside the museum with information and insights on the Salt and the works on display. The application then allows reading the QRcode in the Museum, through which visitors can access directly to multimedia content related to the works, promotions and ongoing initiatives.

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Educational tour
The language of art

A series of educational activities and workshops have been designed to accompany and to enhance school programmes, helping students to learn in a creative, cross-disciplinary manner, with regular lectures, hands-on activities and multi-media tools for exploring the museum's masterpieces in greater depth.

Special initiatives
A multi-purpose area

An area for temporary exhibitions, thematic exhibitions and special events is devoted to dialogue with other museums and with the international world of culture as a whole.

Panoramic terrace
A breathtaking view

A visit to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo ends, fittingly, on a panoramic terrace offering a truly remarkable and unfamiliar view of Brunelleschi's dome, a panorama that aptly summarises the key to understanding the new museum's underlying purpose, showing how the drama of beauty has served the faith down the ages.

Cherish a memory of your visit to the Great Museum of Florence Cathedral

All of the items in the collections marketed by the Great Museum of Florence Cathedral are inspired by the masterpieces and details of the works of art that go to make up the monumental complex of Piazza Duomo. In these collections, the unique elegance of the artworks' form, design and colour goes hand in hand with the matchless quality and originality of true Italian craftsmanship, because all of our items are designed and manufactured exclusively for the Great Museum of the Cathedral in Florence's traditional artisan workshops.