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This gallery contains projects prepared at the behest of the Medici Grand Dukes for a modern front for the Cathedral: seven large wood models illustrating proposals for a Renaissance façade in place of the medieval one demolished in 1587. The reconstructed original façade, visible through high windows in the gallery wall, invites visitors to measure the distance between the style of the Middle Ages and that of architects of the Mannerist and early Baroque periods. This galley also contains two paintings made in 1589 for the wedding of Grand Duke Ferdinand I to the French princess Christine of Lorraine, along with copies of three of the colossal statues realised for the ephemeral façade that adorned the Duomo on that occasion. The original statues are in the north-west tribune of the Cathedral, on the route leading to the top of the dome.

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The times of access to the monuments are subject to changes in time due to extraordinary events. The museum will be closed on the first Tuesday of each month.

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