The Riflessi (Reflections) project that is part of the LIGET program, was createdby proposing activities aimed at people with neurodevelopmental disorders , and in particular for people with autism spectrum disorder and/or intellectual disabilities.

The appointments are built ad hoc and made in collaboration with local associations, such as AIABA Onlus , Autism Florence and the Centro Diurno Ferretti, in synergy with experienced operators to better follow the participants and structure the routes in an appropriate manner.

To date, this project is dedicated both to homogeneous groups of people sharing the same problems (the Riflessi project, in collaboration with AIABA Onlus, has dedicated a series of meetings to young people with autism spectrum disorder), and heterogeneous groups of people with cognitive, emotional and/or social discomfort but lacking a specific diagnosis (see for example the collaboration with the Centro Diurno Ferretti which, upon the request of the local social care services, welcomes boys and girls wanting an affective-educational, socio-relational and cognitive education or re-education).

The name (Riflessi, reflections) is inspired by a very peculiar episode of a participant who talked with his "reflection" in the mirror. In addition to stimulating the issue of identity, it gave us an opportunity for reflecting on the limitless range of modes, approaches and use of tools needed to communicate with people who find it difficult to interact with the surrounding world.

The methodology used is the adaptation of the tools used in the CoOPERAtività project: 

a) the TimeSlips, a creative narrative that leads participants to jointly build a story or a poem, the result of what was imagined while standing before a work in the Museum; b) the Inventafavole, a second creative narrative mode obtained through the use of illustrated cards which represent of some of the Museum's works; c) activities of expression and sharing of emotions in a group context.

The project is focussed on fostering a proactive dimension, creating an emotional state of well-being, stimulating the observation of the works of art, promoting personal interpretation and expression, listening to others, respecting the individual preferences and sensitivities and valorising individual skills together with the others.

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