The new tactile path of the Duomo museum

A tactile path to give a deep and emotional experience without using sight and a different multisensory approach in harmony with the new rules of conservation of sculptural works that do not allow touching of the original works.

We organise guided theme tours on a selected set of works:

  1. Guided tactile visits for blind and partially sighted people
  • - Tactile visits suitable for people with other disabilities or conditions
  • - Tactile guided tours with blindfolded eyes for everyone, for a different approach to art

Every first Thursday of the month at 3.00 p.m. free guided tour for blind and partially sighted people; booking is required and number of participants is limited. 

For information and reservations: 

055.2302885 and

We have placed, near the most representative spots and areas of the monumental complex, workstations with graphic and written information for the visually impaired and near-blind, plus tactile/Braille texts for the blind.

For the Museo dell'Opera we chose the most important and representative works and had some replicas made, as faithful to theoriginals as reasonably possible as far as size and materials and built by artisans to add artistic value even to a simple replica, and that in some cases emphasized some details in order to allow a haptic experience of the artwork.

The works we are talking about are two bronze copies of two panels coming from the North and East gate (Porta del Paradiso) of the Baptistery: the "Annunciation" and "The Creation, the Original Sin" both of Lorenzo Ghiberti , the "Majesty" ("Madonna of the Glass Eyes") by Arnolfo di Cambio, Donatello's "Penitent Magdalene", Michelangelo's "Pietà" in 1:2 scale and another replica of the details of the faces of Christ, Mary and Nicodemus, in full size, of the panel of the "Sculpture" by Andrea Pisano taken from Giotto's Bell Tower and of the "Trumpet Players" from the Cantoria di Luca della Robbia , and two tactile panels of the drawings of the Cathedral's facade, both the Fourteenth century one and the Nineteenth century one.

A virtual guide

Museo Duomo is interactive and free APP that guides you inside the museum with information and insights on the Salt and the works on display. The application then allows reading the QRcode in the Museum, through which visitors can access directly to multimedia content related to the works, promotions and ongoing initiatives.

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